Friday, 2 April 2010

[Short Graphic Story]
Artist: Kala 
Title: 'Watch'

A new, beautiful and exclusive short comic from one of our wonderful resident artists 'Kala', a.k.a Sara Koncilja.

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[Competition Results]

Two weeks ago we held our first competition and whilst the winner was revealed in the comments, here is a more official announcement. The wonderful 'Olivia' was picked from the magic hat of randomness, and therefore is the winner of an exclusive original drawing (no copies, no prints, one of a kind). She picked 'Beryl the Peril' as her favourite comic book character and whilst part of me did groan inside for having to overlook people who chose 'Death' or 'Batman' she is undoubtedly a classic. Congratulations to you Olivia.

[Uk mini comics and web-thing]

In recent news, Undergrime showed one of its many faces at the Uk mini-comics and web thing this year. Whilst I had slight reservations about an event that mis-spelt the word 'volunteer' on its website, exaggerated the entry fee from the advertised price, and produced banners that, for the more artistically inclined, would cause seizure, I am happy to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. In general the content was rich and the people were charming. A few select favourites for me were the gentlemen of Dirty Rotten Comics who have tounges firmly wedged in everyones cheeks, the ever acerbic Martin Angry Owl and for sheer originality: My Cardboard Life. Hopefully we will be able to get some exclusive content from them as well as from others at the fair (that is if they managed to get out of Bow alive), in the mean time listen to fang island.

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