Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Each generation turns to the next with the knowledge that they will eventually be surpassed. While we are young, let us surpass what has been, in preparation for those to come.
- Oswald C. Snoot

Undergrime is a magazine and blog established in 2010;
publishing side by side exclusive graphic stories from renowned and unknown artists across the World.

Our aim is to maintain a high standard of content for our readership, and give the opportunity of global distribution to the artist.

We recruit work from artists directly, have a number of resident artists* who produce work for the Blog on a regular basis, and also encourage open submissions of work from the public. We also do the odd review from time to time.

We post every Friday.

If you would like to be involved with Undergrime:
please contact us:

We are a friendly collective, EXCEPT FOR SNOOT, and would welcome the extra company. :)

*who receive certain perks

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