Friday, 26 March 2010

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Artist: Lauren Barnett
Title: Just one last thing

"The work I post on my daily blog is very different from what you see here, which is also very different from what I publish in my mini comics. I enjoy having these different facets to myself and my work and also keeping them somewhat separate. My daily blog is more of a surface exposure, in that I look at it as more of a sketchbook of tidbits or experiences transformed into single-cell humor gags. Sometimes they are more thought-out and visually detailed, but usually they remain on this more basic level. My minis are different in that I actually use my likeness as a character and the stories are longer and involve more introspection. This piece is kind of on the line between the two, it is more graphic in style, and it is a collection of one-liners, however the composition is really different from my usual daily work. This one is a depiction of a bad day, when you just want to leave work or a situation and then there is one stupid little thing that prohibits you from doing so. If you notice too, you can start reading the bubbles and they kind of become a sort of tornado where you start reading ones over that you have already read. It's like that endless cycle that you can't get out of, even though the questions are lighthearted and not intentionally malevolent, they are ultimately a frustration." - Lauren Barnett 

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  1. I like the bold colouring but I'm not sure I understand the line of expression being made here. Perhaps drawing out such an expression over a series of plates may be more approachable?

  2. Hey Sarah, we all know how it is! it's just good that you are working on a book!! This is great news!!!

  3. love the characters great forms, colors of course like sour candy