Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Artist: Undergrime
Musician: DJ Forrester
Title: Skinny Love

This is the new cover for the very cool 'Skinny Love' album coming straight from the hip, melancholy port city of Helsinki. Dj Forrester, a.k.a. Mathias 4* or Math (etc etc ad infinitum) has made a lovely mix that's perfect for wallowing in and countering the winter blues. When it's released we'll post a link, it's really worth a listen. It should be available in everyone's favourite Helsinki music store Stupido via the 'nyd' (Not yet dead) medium of cassete. I'm sure we can also sort out some kind of mail order too. As for the art work it's mixed media based on a side profile of the artist. It was made primarily from sketches and then photoshopped (Gimp'd actually). The individual elements were then filtered for colour and then cut or re-assembled. Interesting.

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