Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Black Monkey.

When Blueberry was 25, she was indeed like a fresh and aromatic fruit. She got married. She gave birth soon after to a boy who was like a small tender flower.

When she was 35, people said she was the same as when she was 25. She was very glad. When she was 45 she began to feel strange. She looked like she was 25. Being out with her husband and son was as if being with her father and brother.

The doctors could not help her so she went to see a witch. The witch blew a handful of mimosa. They were like yellow fluffy balls, flowing in to the wind guiding her in a certain direction. She followed them to an open market.

The mimosa fell onto a clock stall. An old man was selling all kinds of curious clocks. He said to her, ‘choose a clock, and wind it up.’ She chose a monkey clock. While she was winding it up, she knew she was saved. Something in her began to tick again.

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[Short graphic story]
Artist: Xi
Title: Black Monkey

After countless unsuccessful and deflating runs of the 'rogue-like' ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery) I was in search of something comforting. My player, Palder, had been poisoned, defiled, drowned, starved and then finally sacrificed to a heathen god by a goblin and to be frank I was a little emotionally drained. Xi's work, whilst generally preoccupied with death and dark is here more pensive and more warming. Whilst not having the swagger of DC or Marvel, several of her independent comics are simply put charming.

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