Friday, 23 April 2010

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Artist: Sara Koncilja
Title: Activities for insomniacs: Nicknaming your cats

We're so going to make a book of these.

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Whilst I do enjoy going to conventions in old scout huts and rickety church halls, this Saturday (24th Avril)
we will be scouring the grounds of the 'Unicon' at the University of Hertfordshire.

Much of the event seems the equivilent of comfort eating, pop and family friendly fun, but with the oppurtunity to meet
Dave Gibbons, Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill AND get my face painted. How can I resist?

A full report to come soon, hopefully with pictures and some new exciting news.

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  1. Always a delight Miss Koncilja! I have three favourite cat names saved up that are just waiting for the right cats to come along all purring and snuggling warmly. My special names are: Topinka, Malinka, and Mogwai :) :) :)

    Btw, did you ever paint or draw something and it subsequently came unto existence?