Friday, 12 March 2010


Artist: Undergrime
Title: 'On the occasion of our 1000th visitor'

Undergrime was first conceived as ‘The Praha Undergrime’ in the Summer of 2008 in Prague. It was essentially an ongoing comic jam between a group of Erasmus students: 'Snoot', 'Kala', ‘Chimes’, Libuse 'The Rat' and a number of others. Whilst there was no magazine to speak of at the time, over the course of a number of months we accumulated a thick wad of accomplished short comics.

After Snoot moved back to the United Kingdom the idea of ‘The London Undergrime’ was squarely sat on for another year and vigorously discussed on facebook. The premise would be to produce a magazine with the aim of promoting graphic artists and then distribute that magazine around Europe.

In that period we made a few magazine covers,
and this was one of them:


In January 2010 we started this blog with the intention of gathering content and building a reputation for finding and exhibiting talented graphic artists. Whilst its still early days we are gradually and successfully working towards that. For example about three weeks ago we received our 1000th visitor. In celebration of this, today we will be having our first 'give-away'.

[The Competition]

To enter and have the chance to win the above image (signed original) leave a comment telling us who is your favourite comic book character and why. It can range from Dennis the Menace to Superman to Etsuko (Domu - Otomo) to Little Nemo (LN in Slumberland - McCay) to anything else.

Competition will close next Friday (19th) 

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  1. Beryl the Peril. So deliciously naughty

  2. Obelix, he's such a big softy

  3. Frankly, I really like Bucky from Get Fuzzy. He's exactly like a cat. I like it.

  4. the numskulls that live inside the head of edd case!

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  6. Death, from Sandman (DC Comics)She is my favorite because just so neat. everything about her is cool.

    shewaitsforwhispers [at] ymail [dot] com

  7. I like Asterix who is so so cute and funny.

    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

  8. I do like Dennis the Menace. Especially with the comic, cartoon, and life action movie! Love how he "teases" Mr. Wilson. poor dude.

    Thanks for this!

    shiki6210 at gmail dot com

  9. i'm actually a fan of batman. simple, i know. but i love that he doesn't have super powers, just strength, determination, and really awesome tools. :)


  10. In the interest of fairness we picked names out of a straw hat, other varieties of hats are known to be unreliable. Serendipitously the character that emerged was 'Beryl the Peril' *applause. Thanks to everyone else who entered, especially those who ventured a more lengthy explanation!